With great pleasure I work as a Prop & Set stylist for film, series, commercials and photography projects. I also build small sets and decor objects for television programs, festivals and events. 

I have eye for detail, color balance, and design and strong multitasking and problem solving abilities. I'm open to all types of production and I enjoy taking on jobs that I design from concept to realization.


Since I have been working for film and television I have switched between the departments Production and Art. Both departments contain elements I like, all with the aim of creating a beautiful image. Wherever possible, I like to combine these departments.

Take a look at my portfolio and resume for completed projects and an overview of the clients I've worked with.

Interesting in working together? Send me a message and let's have a coffee.



Mail: eva.spren@gmail.com

Tel: +31 6 18461034


  • Netflix Nederland

  • Rijksoverheid

  • Fietsvoordeelshop

  • Auchan Qilive

  • ZARA

  • H&M

  • Starbucks

  • Vrije Universiteit

  • Ziggo

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • The Fork

  • Tony Chocolonely

  • NPO Radio 1

  • NPO HumorTV 


  • Talpa

  • RTL Nederland

  • Gemeente Amsterdam

  • Booking.com

  • Milkshake Festival

  • Wildeburg Festival

  • Landjuweel

  • Surfana Festival

  • Hemeltjelief Festival

  • Cinekid

  • Bacchus Festival

  • Grow Festival

  • Vurige Tongen

  • Pluk de Nacht

  • Dominator

  • Mayor Manor


  • Production Design / Netherlands Film Academy / Amsterdam, 2018-2019

  • Art & Media Management / HKU University of the Arts / Utrecht, 2008-2012

  • Kilimanjaro Film Institue / Arusha, Tanzania, 2011

  • Decor & Design / CIBAP / Zwolle, 2004-2008